Fenno Ugria Night at Tallinn Music Week. 29th of March at 6pm

For the 5th year Fenno Ugria hosts artists from the finno-ugric music scene at Tallinn Music Week 2019.

You will hear the latest news of the ancient rune singing from Estonia, powerful traditional male singing from Mordovia, Besserman and Udmurtian tunes, Sami joik from Norway as well as Vepsian electronic beats from Karelia and powerful electrofolk from Finland. Finno-ugric people have a lot to say to the world music scene in their languages that have a touch of the indiginous. But these languages dance with the modern, sometimes even in a postraditional way.

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29th of March 2019
at 6pm
Venue: Erinevate Tubade Klubi (Telliskivi Creative City, Telliskivi 60-A1-65)
Tickets: can be purchased from Piletilevi HERE.



18:00 Doors
19:00 Ansambel Triskele (EST)
19:45 Фольклорный ансамбль Торама имВИРомашкина (RU)
20:30 Maria Korepanova & Victor Sologub (RU)
21:15 Vassvik (NOR)
22:00 Noid (RU)
22:45 Okra Playground (FIN)




19:00 Ansambel Triskele (EE)

Triskele (EST)

A vital folk music group with five men from Estonia combines their deep interest in folk hymns with early music and ancient rune singing.





19:45 Torama (RU, Mordavia)

(Фольклорный ансамбль Торама имВИРомашкина

Torama (RU, Mordavia)

The Mordovian folklore ensemble Torama will bring you a chance to experience the power of the male singing tradition of their country.

Torama has set perhaps even a global goal – to preserve and develop the native language and musical culture of the peoples of Erzya and Moksha.



20:30 Maria Korepanova and Victor Sologub (RU, Udmurtia)

Maria Korepanova (RU, Udmurtia)

The combination of Maria’s voice, powerful as if it rings out from the depths of bygone centuries, and electronic touches courtesy of music guru Victor Sologub give the traditional Besermyan and Udmurtian folk songs an unique feel. Their performance is a chance to dive into a sea of sounds.




21:15 Vassvik (NOR, Sami) 

Vassvik (NO, Sami)

With magical energy the Nordic vocalist, musician and composer Torgeir Vassvik takes a unique approach to the archaic, trans-like Joik of his people, the Coastal Sami.

Torgeir Vassvik is a sound magician, who goes beyond everything our ears have ever come across.




22:00 Noid (RU, Karelia)

Noid (RU, Karelia)

Noid is a band from Petrozavodsk (Karelia) composing, arranging and performing traditional songs in the Veps language in a world-music style. The music of Noid is a dialogue of the ancient world with the electronic music scene.




22:45 Okra Playground (FIN)

Okra Playground (FIN)

Genuine electro folk with strong vocal harmonies, big sound, age-old lyrics, contemporary soundscapes, traditional folk instruments, hypnotic beats and mystical energy. Okra Playground is the best example of how Finnish folk music can also speak to masses in an artful way.



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TMW 2019
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