‘Quite incredible’: demand for Indigenous literature goes global

Indigenous author Tara June Winch’s latest novel, The Yield, draws upon the Wiradjuri language. Photo: New York Times

THE NEW YORK TIMES: Indigenous literature has been one of the top-performing categories for local booksellers in 2019, and international publishers are noticing a similar increase in interest for books written by Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander authors.

In the decade since she moved abroad in 2009, Wiradjuri author Tara June Winch says something extraordinary has happened in Australia. “Major publishers are picking up Indigenous writers and putting them at the top of their catalogues,” she says. “We weren’t being read 10 years ago. Maybe one of us was being read per year.”

Read more here (The New York Times, Broede Carmody, 25th of November 2019)

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