Originally, the word ‘komi’ probably referred to “people”. Komi have called themselves ‘komi voitõr’ (Komi people), ‘komi-mort’ (Komi person), ‘komijoz’ (Komis), ‘iz´vatas’ (Izhma-Komis).

Komi-Zyrians and Komi-Permyaks

Komis are comprised of Komi-Zyrians and Komi-Permyaks. Komi-Zyrians are often referred to as Komis. According to the Russian (Soviet) tradition, Komi-Zyrians and Komi-Permyaks are viewed as close kindred peoples. This is probably an ethno-political viewpoint. According to Komi nationalism, Komi-Zyrians and Komi-Permyaks form a single people. In the past, Komi-Zyrians were also referred to as Zyrians and Komi-Permyaks as Permyaks. In 1920s-1930s the Soviet Union abandoned these outdated ethnonyms. Komi-Zyrians were to be called Komis and Komi-Permyaks as Komi-Permyaks.


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