Elected on June 2, 2017, for a 2-year term

Madis Arukask

Lecturer of Estonian language and culture (for non-native speakers) at the University of Tartu
Senior Researcher of Estonian and Comparative Folk Poetry at the University of Tartu
President of Estonian Academic Religious Studies Society
Has conducted field work in Seto, Votian and Vepsian lands

Kirsti Ruul

Head of the Communications Bureau of Police and Border Guard Board
Public Relations manager and advisor at PR Partner
Crisis communication lecturer at the University of Tartu
Councillor at NPO Fenno-Ugria 1999–2001
Participated in expeditions in Votian lands


 Tõnu Seilenthal

Lecturer of Uralic languages and Hungarology at the University of Tartu
Member of the Consultative Committee of Finno-Ugric peoples
Chair of the Committee of Estonian Finno-Ugrists
Acting Member of the Suomalais-Ugrilainen Seura (Finland)
Vice-President of the International Society of Hungarology


Sven-Erik Soosaar

Chairman of the Board of NGO Wikimedia Estonia
Ethymologist, scholar of Estonian, Nenets and Mari languages
Board Member of Estonian Hungary Society
Has worked in the Institute of the Estonian Language and NPO Fenno-Ugria


 Viia-Kadi Raudalainen

Managing Director of NPO Fenno-Ugria
Chair of the Board of Estonian Hungary Society
Programme Director of Hungarian Institute in Estonia (1995–2008)
Member of Kuldjala Singing Society


Tõnis Lukas

Eda-Riin Leego

Andres Heinapuu  



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