Finno-Ugric Days 2019

Event Details

The Finno-Ugric Days of 2019 will take place in October! The main concerts will happen on the 19th and 20th of October in Tallinn and Tartu. 

Every year in October, Fenno-Ugria organizes Finno-Ugrian Days which have evolved into an all-Estonian cultural festival attracting performers from Russia’s Finno-Ugric regions, Finland and Hungary. As a tradition, Fenno-Ugria invites musical collectives, writers and poets from all over the finno-ugric world to celebrate our common, yet diverse cultural inheritage.

Apart from concerts, the festival hosts literary evenings and film days. During the festival week, many schools and cultural centres across Estonia organise their own Finno-Ugric events. On the initiative of Fenno-Ugria, Estonian Parliament Riigikogu in 2011 proclaimed the Kindred Peoples’ Day – the 3rd Saturday of October – as a national flag day.

Finno-Ugric Days in 2019 are decicated to the UNESCO year of indigenous languages.

More info will be available on our website soon!



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