The Yearbook of Fenno-Ugria

Every year NGO Fenno-Ugria publicizes a yearbook “Soome-ugri sõlmed”, where one can find articles on events, academic achievements and new books of the year. The yearbook is in Estonian.

For to order any of the publications below, please write to Thank you!

The publication focuses on the conference of Finno-Ugrian Days in 2019. The conference was dedicated to the 100 years of Finno-Ugric independence and autonomy. The language of karelia is being also thoroughly addressed.

Soome-ugri sõlmed 2017

Soome-ugri sõlmed 2016, full text on

Soome-ugri sõlmed 2015, full text on



Soome-ugri sõlmed 2014, full text on

Soome-ugri sõlmed 2013, full text on

Soome-ugri sõlmed 2012, full text on


Soome-ugri sõlmed 2010−2011, full text on

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