Finno-Ugric Calendars

Every year we also print Finno-Ugric calendars that focus on different spheres of Finno-Ugric lifestyle: traditional architecture, independence and autonomy movement, music, language and handicrafts. The calendar and its´ texts are also translated to English, so also everyone who does not yet speak a Finno-Ugric language could also dive into this way of life.

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This year´s calendar is dedicated to Finno-Ugric Languages and the UN Year of Indigenous Languages. Every page of the calendar introduces one Finno-Ugric language. The editor of the calendar is a linguist and a member of the expert committee of UN Permanent Forum for Indigenous Peoples.

See the intro of the calendar and examples of pages here

Hõimukalender 2019. 100 aastat soome-ugri rahvaste iseolemist
Hõimukalender 2018. Hõimurahvaste suurkujud
Hõimukalender 2017. Soome-ugri rahvaste arhitektuur The architechture of finno-ugric peoples. 00_esikaas
Hõimukalender 2016 Pilt
Hõimukalender 2015 Pilt
Hõimukalender 2014 Pilt
Hõimukalender 2012−2013 Pilt
Hõimukalender 2008−2009 pilt
Hõimukalender 2005 pilt


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