Film Collection

The following Finno-Ugric documentary films can be borrowed from Fenno-Ugria:

Juri Vella’s  World (Juri Vella maailm)

This documentary is about a Forest Nenets social activist and writer Yuri Vella who left his village for the taiga to become a reindeer herder.
Scriptwriter, director, camera and producer: Liivo Niglas
Produced in 2003
Duration: 58 min
In Russian and Nenets languages
Copies available with English, Russian, French and Estonian subtitles

Buried Alive (Elavana maetud)

Authors:Madis Arukask and Taisto Kalevi Raudalainen
Director: Maarika Lauri
ETV 2006

Children of the Sun (Päikeselapsed)

A study on Udmurt identity, or an audiovisually documented socio-cultural portrait of Udmurts.
Filmi tutvustus

Nikodemus Film 2002
Authors: Liis Ruussaar, Kristel Kaljund
In Udmurt language with Estonian subtitles
DVD 34 min

Komi-Permian Autumn (Permikomi sügis)

Documentary about ethnic identity, assimilation and ethnic politics in contemporary Russia on the example of one Finno-Ugric people – Komi-Permyaks.
Author: Indrek Jääts
Director and Camera: Maido Selgmäe
Producer: Pille Runnel / Estonian National Museum
Supporters: Eesti Kultuurkapital, Hõimurahvaste Programm
Languages: Estonian, Russian, English
Duration: 57 min


Documentary about Seto people who live across the Estonian-Russian border and their culture.
Watch the film on Youtube
Script: Silvia Karro, Peeter Brambat
Director: Peeter Brambat
DVD 55 min

Dynasty (Suguvõsa)

Documentary about the situation and problems of Finno-Ugric languages
Script: Mart Meri, Mart Rannut
Director: Mart Taevere
DVD 28 min
Watch the film on Youtube

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